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“Internet email marketing services directly to your target customer base by research, develop database for email marketing campaign and mailing to target customer base to reach your prospective customers directly.”

Email Marketing is one of the fastest and most cost-effective forms of marketing and communication between companies and their clients/potential customers. It is fast because email blasts can be sent to thousands of prospects/customers within hours. It is cost-effective because the cost of acquiring and broadcasting to email ids is negligible when compared to long distance calls or a snail mail program. Furthermore, the response rate can be measured through the generation of various reports.

Flexton is proud to offer this service to businesses and organizations around the world. We provide Email Marketing services, whereby a client can rent targeted email lists. We work with clients In-house files and can arrange ongoing broadcasts weekly, monthly, quarterly. We also design the communication and broadcast it to the targeted databases. We will research, recommend and walk you through the process. We will help determine the best lists and pricing, and consult with you on transmission, timing, click thru and content.

Key Features of our E-mail Marketing source:

  • Design creative mailers
  • Schedule email campaigns for future delivery
  • Automated subscription and un-subscription
  • Import bulk list of names and emails
  • Mass-email in both HTML and TEXT formats
  • Personalize marketing campaigns for each member
  • Referral Marketing built-in
  • Bounce-back processing
  • Auto-mailing for reminders, birthday, anniversaries
  • Provide compatibility with all email reader software

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